Glasses free 3D to become a reality on existing iOS devices

3D iOS device

Glasses-free 3D gaming could soon become a possibility on iOS devices. Yes, the same iOS device you have in your pocket. UK based Big Head Games have teamed up with Korean outfit Floorpali to create a special plastic film that can be laid on top of compatible iOS devices, creating a glasses-free 3D image to rival that of the newly released Nintendo 3Ds. Big Head Games Director Dave Vout even thinks this new technology will outshine the Nintendo handheld.

Speaking with UK games site MCV, here’s what Vout had to say:

“It blows away the Nintendo 3DS for size and resolution, it’s just a huge leap forward. We’ve worked very hard with Floorpali to develop something that is cheap but durable enough, this is going to change gaming on the iPad.”

Now, this isn’t going to magically turn your iPad into a 3D device. Developers will have to use the Big Head Games SDK to utilize the magic plastic film. If this technology actually works, heck, if it’s even real, I’d be pleasantly surprised, especially considering such a bold claim from Dave Vout.

Big Head Games has developed some pretty decent stuff for iOS, most notably Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 — which gives me a bit of hope that this isn’t some kind of April fool’s joke. The thing that did make me suspicious, however,  is the Korean tech company, Floorpali. I cannot find even a whisper of them on the internet, so I contacted Big Head Games Director Dave Volt to ask him for more information. He replied:

“This is new technology from a new company, we’ve all been keeping a very low profile…more news tomorrow.”

So, tomorrow is April fool’s day, but it could be the most interesting April fools day we’ve had in a long while. Do you think Big Head Games will come good, or are we being had? Let us know in the comments.

Article Via MCV

Photo Credit: CNET

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