Get a menu on your second monitor with SecondBar

Here’s a quick tip for all you multiple monitor users.

Have you ever gotten extremely annoyed that your second monitor doesn’t have a menu bar at the top of the screen? I know I do. I get really annoyed when I’m doing work on my second monitor, then have to scroll all the way to my first monitor in order to access the application’s menu items. It’s a giant pain, and I’ve never full understood the rationale behind its exclusion from the basic OS X install. The extra 10-15 pixels of space isn’t really all that valuable in my opinion.

Anyway, there’s this nifty application called SecondBar. It’s currently in development and is far from a perfect solution, but it does give you access to a menubar on your second monitor. It doesn’t currently support spotlight, or those menubar application icons that some of you have come to use daily, but it does currently give you all the application menus, and that’s a fine first step if you ask me.

The program is pretty stable in its current iteration, and while I would like to see support for Spotlight, and Menubar items, I think they’re on the right track.  It’s been a handy add on to my daily grind, and it has undoubtedly saved me quite a bit of time.

Unfortunately it’s hard to show off the effect, so I took a snap with the only camera I had available (my crappy iphone camera). I guess a screenshot would have worked, but that could have been easily faked. Ah well.

You get what you pay for. ;)

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