Will the Next Gen iPod Touch have 5MP camera, HD video, and more?

British retailer John Lewis has detailed some interesting specs at an annual event “Xmas in July”. The company says it’s based on things that they are hearing from suppliers.

Some of the details they mentioned include:

  • LED flash
  • 5MP camera
  • capture HD video
  • YouTube uploading
  • FaceTime calls over Wi-Fi (which would indicate a front facing camera)
  • accelerometer
  • gyroscope

This is an impressive list of features that knocks the current iPod out of the water.

Adding an accelerometer and gyroscope like in the iPhone 4 would make it a much stronger contender as a gaming device. If it did have FaceTime it would make the service accessible to a far wider audience rather than its current limitations of only iPhone 4 users. Based on current iPod touch prices this could become a very affordable option for friends and families, but if they change the pricing to reflect these updates it may shift the number of people who are buying them.

There are also questions floating around about whether or not there will be a micro SIM tray (like the iPad and iPhone) on this souped-up device, so we will have to watch this space, but I don’t think it’s likely.

Estimates are that the 4th generation iPod Touch will be here before September 2010.

Article via 9 to 5 mac

Image from ElectricPig

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