Funky up your photos with Picturesque.

Sometimes you just want to fancy up an image and send it off, and you certainly don’t want to wait for photoshop to open and then mess with some blending options and other fancy plugin settings.  Picturesque is a great application that lets you do that. You no longer need to spend a grand on adobe’s software packages to get round corners on some of your photos.

Add in functionality to add 3D perspectives, reflections, and borders and you’re pretty much set.  The great thing about this is that you also have the ability to batch edit a group of photos, and not have to apply everything on a photo by photo basis.  Considering the automation and the ability to use some applescript for the automation process and you have a pretty powerful tool.  Web Designers that are doing a lot of work with thumbnails or fancied up image UIs will definitely want to check out this application.

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