Foxconn takes iPhone 5 production to 11, cranking out 150k per day

Today in ludicrous rumors, we bring a report that Foxconn is currently producing an immense number of handsets, likely the iPhone 5, per day. The rumor is that this number is in excess of 150,000!

Foxconn, the Taiwan based manufacturer of your favorite Apple mobile devices, is reportedly ramping up production to meet a goal of around 5.5 million of the next gen iPhone in time for a launch date later this month. This is no small task, and numerous parts vendors are being conducted like a symphony to ensure Apple’s expectations are met.

Other analysts suggest that not the entire 5.5 million will be slated for release date, and that they will be trickled out over time with dates that extend into 2012. These reports are paired with those that suggest Pegatron Technology has also been contracted to manufacture up to 15 percent of Apple’s iPhone orders, which also may not begin shipping until next year.

Either way, Apple is pushing hard to get iPhone 5 into your hands as quickly as possible. There will inevitably be delays, but if these rumors hold true, they should be mitigated.

Source: Digitimes
Photo Credit: TouchBurst 

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