Foxconn and Apple may be looking to move production to Brazil

It’s being reported today that both Apple and Foxconn are in the market for some new factories. According to Bom Dia, Foxconn may be looking to move some of Apple’s assembly lines into Brazil and out of China.

Foxconn already has two production lines in Brazil – one for HP and another for Sony – and they’re looking into the possibility of moving Apple there as well. Bom Dia is reporting that Foxconn has commissioned a number of studies to determine whether or not moving a third line to their production plants is feasible at this point.

There have been some rumors circulating the internet that suggest that Foxconn is responsible for some of the delays associated with shipping new Apple products. Apple’s recently delayed shipping of the iPad 2 in the Czech Republic.

You may recall Eike Batista, a Brazilian billionaire, asking Apple to move production to Brazil back in November of 2010. Batista argued that Apple would benefit from moving away from Foxconn and instead using new factories slated for Port of Acu in southern Brazil.

While these two rumors are not related, at least to our knowledge, it certainly lends credence to the idea that Apple may be better off moving some of its production to the South American country.

Article Via Bom Dia

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