Forklift: The Second Coming of FTP Greatness?

You’re probably sick and tired of my posting all these reviews and relating them to my daily grind at work. Well… unfortunately, if you hate those posts you’re in for another one, so if you don’t like it don’t read any more! I’ve spent the last three years on a Mac, 36 months to be exact, and the whole time I’ve been looking for an excellent FTP app that lets me do what I have to do and get the hell out of the application.

Cyberduck, was not my cup of tea… I just can’t handle random crashes at random moments, especially when I’m transferring large data sets over the “tubes”. Nothing is more annoying then coming back to a transfer that should have taken 20-30 minutes of uploading, not completed, full of errors, and requesting that you send an error report to Apple. I mean seriously, I’m I that far out of place to think a damn transfer app should…. oh, I don’t know… TRANSFER MY FILES…

Anyway, I moved to Transmit and I’ve been pretty happy with it, but it just seems to be lacking for me. This brings me to Forklift 1.5 beta 2.

Forklift is an excellent application, and is well worth the money. Hell, I’ll even go so far as to say that the freakin beta of 1.5 is better than any Cyberduck release ever! But, that’s just my opinion, so if you don’t agree with me you have that right. Anyway, if you want my opinion I say go and check out the Binarynights fellas, they have a product that we should all be using. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks that either, the people over at macupdate seem to agree with me.

Some of the features that has me reaching for my credit card include:

  1. The ability to split and combine files before moving the files from the server to your location. You know how many headaches I would have saved if Cyberduck had this feature…
  2. “Droplet” icons – let you create “shortcuts” to any location on a server. You just drop your files and be done with it. Amen.
  3. FXP – I couldn’t believe this wasn’t available until now. Essentially you can move files from one server to another without having to copy to your desktop then to your other server. This alone is worth the price of admission.
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