FlickrFriend automates your Flickr uploads quite nicely.

Getting your stuff onto Flickr can be a pain, and automatically syncing to Flickr isn’t really something that’s been supported very well.  There’s a sweet little app that lets you sync your iPhoto albums with Flickr.  It’ll go and connect to Flickr then set up your albums exactly the same as they’re currently in iPhoto.  No more doing it manually. Talk about a time saver. Automation is where it’s at, and I’m thankful someone took the time to do it for us.  It even takes the whole process one step further, it lets you set up sets based on Albums and Events, and it also lets you tag your photos based on your keywords that are assigned to your iPhoto pictures as well as adding names as tags, based on your iPhoto face recognitions.  That last one blew my mind a little when I realized that it was doing it.

I’m a big fan of having to do as little as possible on my computer, so anything that takes a process and automates it for me is a giant win in my book.  The less time I have to spend manually doing something the better.  It lets me focus my time on writing for you guys.  Anyway,  FlickrFriend is developed by the guys over at UnPaq and I’m pretty impressed with it.  You should give the trial version a run if you spend a lot of time interacting with Flickr.  It might be the missing tool in your work flow.

Photo Credit: Lily Zhu

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