No Flash on new MacBook Air

Apple seems to have taken the next step in their fight against Adobe’s Flash player with the New MacBook Air. According to Engadget, Apple did not install the popular plugin on their new device, and instead decided to leave the decision up to their users.

Surely this will open another chapter in the debate about how “open” Apple has been with their devices, and now that we’re seeing more iOS-like features, including the Mac App Store that’s coming to OS X, this could become a hot-topic item again for pundits.

The argument is that Flash drains battery life, and no one wants that. We get an inordinate amount of comments from people about the argument being rhetoric, but we don’t agree. When Safari dies, a Flash plugin crash notification is usually seconds away. Flash is broken on the Mac, and it’s not surprising that Apple’s trying to distance themselves from it again.

If you like punishment, you can install the Flash plugin on your own, just like the good old days, from the Flash website.

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