Firmware 2.2 coming sooner than later?

Rumors have been rolling in that the 2.2 firmware for our beloved iPhone will be hitting the wild sometime in the next couple of weeks. Both TUAW, and Gizmodo have reported on the upcoming release. How awesome would it be if we got some copy/paste love in the pending update? I’m trying to keep my head up after the lack of copy and paste in the last update, but who knows, Apple’s really good at releasing things when we least expect it. Some of the expected features include street view (google maps), over the air podcast updates, and more support for developers looking to cash in on microphone/audio peripherals.

It’s probably a good time to make sure you have a backup of your iPhone stored into iTunes before the update rolls out. We wouldn’t want you having to restore your phone from scratch after a botched update attempt. There’s nothing worse then spending an hour reconfiguring your phone, when an update should have taken a couple of minutes.

Actually, you might want to hold off on immediately patching your iPhone once the new firmware comes out. Let the early adopters (read suckers) mess up their phones and report on bugs. You’ll probably be happy you waited a day or two.

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