Firefox Home Coming To An iPhone Near You

During his WWDC 2010 keynote, Steve Jobs himself broke down what the App Store approval process entails. If I recall correctly, he mentioned that 95 percent of all apps submitted get approved within the first seven days.

That being said, let’s hope that the latest submission by the folks at Mozilla gets pushed through soon. According to the Mozilla project’s blog, Firefox Home was submitted to the Apple App Store today.

The promise of Firefox Home is to provide you access to your Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and even open tabs directly on your iPhone.

Firefox Home uses your browser data, securely synced from Firefox on your desktop to those big computers in the sky, allowing you the ability to “search and browse quickly and efficiently…”

The interesting and obvious paradox here is that there is no Firefox browser for the iPhone, so all this browsing and syncing happens in the Firefox Home app, but launches Mobile Safari when you want to access the internet.

Check the video below to see an example of the app in use.

If you’re considering using this app, you may want to get th Firefox Sync extension loaded into your desktop browser since the sync capabilities are tied to that tool.

When approved, this app will be free and be available to iPhone and iPod Touch users.

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