Another fire in Japan as iPod catches fire on Train

While on holidays I noticed that a lot of people were talking about iPods catching on fire at random in Japan, and that the Japanese government wasn’t too happy about Apple’s apparent lack of concern about the problems. The Japanese even went so far as having the Trade Minister demand that Apple do a better job of educating users, on their website, how they can go about getting battery replacements.

It’s not the first time that Apple’s had problems with random iPod fires. Back in 2008, Apple launched a battery replacement program in Europe to help combat a problem that they were having over there.

It seems like the problems are continuing. Last night, during rush hour in Tokyo, a commuter train was delayed because passengers were complaining of a strong burning smell coming from an iPod. The iPod had allegedly come apart. We’re assuming that it was a battery problem, and that the iPod burst open as the batter pack expanded.

According to the Japanese ministry there have been over 60 incidents in Japan, and four of the cases involved minor burns. It’s no wonder that Japan has been putting pressure on Apple to get the problem rectified. It seems to be getting out of hand over there, but keep in mind that sixty out of the bazillion iPods sold is a relatively small number, and might not qualify as a huge problem by Apple’s standards.

That being said, exploding iPods could be a huge public safety problem. Feel free to freak out now.

Article Via MacStories

Image Credit: Samoss13

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