‘Find My Facebook Friends’ App Name Changed Again, Now Called ‘Locate’

When things are bad, they’re really bad. Not only did Apple require the developers of the Find My Facebook Friends app to change their name, but now Facebook has also gotten involved and required that the company change it again. Talk about getting a beat down.

After discussions with Facebook’s Platform Operations team, ‘Find My Facebook Friends’ has been changed to ‘Locate: Real-time Location Sharing for Facebook,’ or just simply ‘Locate.’ Facebook was really particular about the changes as it also requested that the app remove the “f” logo and alter the white silhouette used in its icon.

Facebook’s platform policy and trademark rights apparently allows iOS developers to use “for Facebook” in the names of their apps to clearly point out that the app is “for” Facebook and not an official app. But there are a number of apps, like Facebook Chat+, that violate this policy and have been available for almost a year in the App Store.

‘Locate’ still has the same features, just under a different name. Users can still locate Facebook friends on a map, receive proximity alerts, and more. ‘Locate’ is available in the App Store for $0.99.

Source: 9to5Mac and Apple 
Image Credit: ThinkiOS

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