Finally! A true Twitter Client as a Safari Extension.

Jérôme Gravel-Niquet, the developer of the Beautifier extension, has released a Twitter client that operates in Safari on top of your currently displayed web page. When you click the toolbar button to launch the Ostrich Twitter extension, it overlays your tweetstream in the upper left hand corner.

The only real downside to this extension is that it has to spawn a new window for you to Tweet. I spoke to the developer over Twitter about this user interface hiccup, and he linked me to his explanation. After reading the reasoning, it seems like a reasonable hassle until he works out a better way to securely deliver the messages.

I’m very pleased with the first implementation, and I expect this extension to spawn many, many competitors. If I’m right, we’re in for some very creative times. What do you think of this extension, and the idea of integrated social media? Leave a comment below this post, e-mail me, or hit me up on Twitter.

Article Via Safari Extensions

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