Finally, Apple is more profitable than Microsoft

It’s been years in the making — Apple has passed Microsoft not only in market cap, as we saw a while ago, but also in revenue.

Tech Crunch is reporting that Microsoft’s Q3 2011 results have put the net income of the company at $5.23 billion dollars. Apple’s net income information during their financial call revealed that the company was sitting at $5.99 billion.

If there was ever a boom goes the dynamite moment in technology, this would be it.

Meanwhile, on the revenue side of things, Apple now holds a roughly $8 billion advantage — $24.6 billion to $16.43 billion. And in market cap, Apple’s advantage is just about $100 billion — $318.45 billion to $224.43 billion.

So now the next logical question is … what’s going to happen to Ballmer?

Article Via TechCrunch

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