FBI pressing charges over AT&T iPad data leak

Right after the original iPad shipped from Apple last summer, AT&T and Apple found themselves in a spot of bother. Weev, a hacker from Arkansas, alledgedly hacked into AT&T through an exploit that appeared while surfing the AT&T website using an iPad. In the process, Weev managed to compromise 120,000 customers’ accounts. It’s not the biggest account compromise in history, but there were certainly a lot of ‘influential’ people who had their accounts hacked. Employees at DARPA, NASA, FAA, FCC, and the USDOJ were all affected by the hack.

Then, on June 15th 2010, the hacker responsible for the iPad-related hack was arrested in Arkansas on drug charges while officers were executing a search warrant. Weev, also known as Andrew Auernheimer, will now face charges related to the original AT&T hack as well, but he’s not alone. Daniel Spitler was also named by Reuters as a accomplice in the hack and he will also face charges today.

Article Via The Next Web

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