Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, IBM Supercomputer World’s Fastest

IBM’s Sequoia supercomputer has taken over the title as world’s fastest from Fujitsu. The computer, which uses over 1.5 million processors, is 1.55 times faster than the previous “world’s fastest” supercomputer that was developed by Fujitsu last year.

What’s it going to be used for? Thomas D’Agostino, speaking to the BBC on behalf of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA):

While Sequoia may be the fastest, the underlying computing capabilities it provides give us increased confidence in the nation’s nuclear deterrent … Sequoia also represents continued American leadership in high performance computing.

Quelle surprise.

Capable of running complex environmental simulations, or market and economic simulations, this supercomputer won’t be participating in any type of philanthropic endeavors. Nope, the US government has decided that the supercomputer will be used for national security, and more importantly, as a nuclear deterrent.

Here, have a sarcastic thumbs up.

Source: BBC

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