Facebook security increase on the horizon as they hire famed iPhone hacker Geohot

Resulting in another “pro” being added to the list of pros and cons of being a world famous hacker, George Hotz has been hired to code for Facebook.

George Hotz, most known for his work in the iPhone hacking community, started working as a software engineer for Facebook on May 9th.

The last time Mr. Hotz’ name was in the news, we were reading about his legal escapades, as Sony was suing the famed hacker for leaking instructions and installing 3rd party software onto the PS3. Reports also started flooding out about George fleeing the country, but it was all retracted as he ended up simply being on vacation.

Sony and Hotz reached an undisclosed settlement on the matter, and Sony has since shifted its focus onto the recent security breaches by the group Anonymous.

Personally I am always happy to hear about large corporations taking advantage of young talent in raw form. The kids exploiting iPhones today could very well be the ones who will prevent your online gaming platform from being taken offline, costing you millions, in a few years.

Via: Business Insider
Source:  iPhone Download Blog

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