Ex-Geniuses file lawsuit against Apple

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Apple’s Geniuses are a pretty busy bunch. When was the last time you took a step into an Apple store and realized that the store was empty? It’s busy in there, and that means employees are busy. So, you can imagine the pressure that’s on them to perform, and meet the in store demand of customers. A quick look around a typical mall would suggest that the Apple store is easily one of the busiest stores around.

But, are Apple stores so busy that they’ve been neglecting to provide proper compensation to employees who’ve missed their breaks? According to a class-action lawsuit filed by a group of hourly-paid Apple Geniuses (in 2005), Apple denied to pay them promptly for missed breaks. If true, Apple would be in violation of California law and forced to compensate their employees.

Having known a fair number of individuals who’ve worked in a retail environment, and one who spent some time at an Apple store, my first inclination is that missed break periods are the norm. Having witnessed the retail world first hand, pressure to not call in sick, pressure to up sell, and pressure to overperform may be part of the job description, but it’s sold to employees through pressure tactics that are often unfair. Expectations rarely meet the compensation levels employees are paid.

It’s important to note that the lawsuit was filed in 2005, and that could mean that most of the problems highlighted in the case have since been fixed or even become a thing of the past. According to an Apple Store alumni, a lot of the conditions claimed in the lawsuit just didn’t happen while she was employed at an Apple store between 2008 and 2009. She notes that it wasn’t uncommon for employees to have their breaks pushed back if the store was busy, but that they eventually got their breaks. Half-hour and full-hour breaks were unpaid, and those who were entitled to 15 minute breaks were compensated in full through direct deposit with each related paycheque.

Things may have been different in 2005, but it seems like Apple’s since taken steps to correct the issues that are currently alleged in the class-action lawsuit.

We’ll be sure to keep our eye on this as it develops.

Article Via TheLoop

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