For Evernote you take.

    From time to time I find an application on my Mac or my iPhone that I simply can’t live without. But this time it is one that I have neglected for such a long time and have recently become attached to at the hip. Evernote has been around for awhile and it was just in the last year or so that they put out a Mac desktop client, more recently in July 07 releasing an iPhone app. Evernote is a brilliant tool that so many tend to neglect after using it for a little while. I first tried Evernote after hearing Leo Laporte talk about it on an episode of Macbreak Weekly. I soon found a decent amount of uses for it, mostly though for cataloging business cards and software that I owned.

    Well in the last month I have re-discovered this wonderful app and have been using it constantly. Not only can Evernote be used as a native app, but they also have a great web interface. This is cloud computing the way it should be. I have been using Evernote now to post public pages of things that I want for my birthday for my friends, even to post topics for my upcoming podcast episodes allowing people tovolunteer to co-host. My private notebooks normally consist of random jokes I find online to t-shirts that I want to remember to get, to even taking notes at meetings.

    If you use Evernote on your iPhone, then you should also pick up a griffin Clarifi case so you can get clear close up photo’s of notes you need.

    Evernote has become my go to app now for every thing. Any thing I want to remember when I am out and about to even the little things. If you are not using this cross platform application yet, you can use it for free from . Give it a whirl, You wont regret it.

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