Evernote Rolls Out Two-Step Verification To All Users

Evernote has today rolled out two-step verification for its standard users.

In order to use the functionality, Evernote users have to download the Google Authenticator app. Once installed, the user must generate a login code every time they log into an Evernote service using Google Authenticator.

Evernote has added two-step verification to all of its applications including Evernote, Skitch, Evernote Food, and others. It’s worth noting that Evernote Business and Premium users have had this functionality since May of 2013.

Two-step verification has been adopted by many online services including Google and Apple over the past few years. In short, two-step verification is a combined login method that uses both a preset password and passcode that can only be requested by a unique device or key fob. These keys are ever changing, so it makes it difficult for hackers to hack into an account that has two-step verification enabled.

Image Source: Heisenberg Media

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