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Despite the fact we’re deep into a time when the Apple news cycle degrades into pure speculation, there was still some pretty big news last week. The ongoing DOJ price fixing case hit absurd heights when a judge suggested that Apple be monitored for Anti-Trust behavior, despite basically handing the ebook business to Amazon. The other side of that case, the publishers, is still going forward with many iBook users being notified of their pending refunds. Apple had yet another acquisition this week; this time snatching up data compression company AlgoTrim. The run up to release season picked up steam this week. First, Apple announced their own iPhone trade in program. The iWork for iCloud beta had to be limited this week, with Apple citing high demand. Either that many people were clamoring for a prettier Google Docs, or Apple is going to have another rough web service launch.

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Conor Myhrvold at Ars Technica shows how hard it is to clean up your browser after getting infected.

James Cook at The Kernel looks at the web’s fascination with a Russian Numbers Station and solves the mystery.

Frederico at MacStories explains why Apple bloggers should probably stop predicting Nintendo’s doom, and shows some pretty convincing math.

Krebs on Security continues his series on life becoming a William Gibson novel, the latest chapter happens in Syria.

Trent Wolbe at The Verge examines what made Sonic the Hedgehog a classic. Well worth the read, but you may go digging in the basement for your Genesis.

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