Employees rate Apple, Facebook, Google top ten companies to work for today

Apple, Google, and Facebook employees have spoken loud and clear about how they feel about their employers. According to a study by Glassdoor, all three companies have ranked above 3.9 on a 5.0 scale.

What are they rated on?

The Glassdoor Best Places to Work list represents Employees’ Choice, identifying the top 50 workplaces, according to employees who have completed surveys on Glassdoor. The ranking is determined by overall rating on Glassdoor, which is determined using a 20-question company survey that captures employees’ attitudes about: Career Opportunities, Communication, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Morale, Recognition & Feedback, Senior Leadership, Work/Life Balance, and Fairness & Respect.

The only tech giant not mentioned, Microsoft, didn’t make the top 50 list. Of the big four that did make the cut, all three were within the top ten of the listing:

  • Facebook: 4.3
  • Google: 4.0
  • Apple: 3.9

Other than the information listed above, there isn’t too much information on how big the sample size was for this poll, which is a little suspect. The saving grace is that employees were asked to vote on their own experience. I would have expected Apple to top Facebook and Google. We always hear such great things about working for Apple, but it turns out that Facebook and Google employees clearly love their jobs more than Apple employees.

Who would have thunk it.

Consulting firm Bain & Company held the number one spot.

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