Dropbox Awards Early Premium Users With Free Accounts

If you’ve been using a Dropbox premium account since launch, you’re in for a treat. Dropbox has recently sent out a notice to all early Dropbox subscribers telling them that their 25GB accounts are now free for life. This seems like a good time for Dropbox to do this as they updated their premium accounts yesterday. These notices were sent out via email and should look something like this:


Let’s be real — you’ve got a ton of cred for being one of the earliest Dropbox users on the block. For sticking with us for all this time, we’d like to give you your 25 GB subscription for free!

No fine print, no catches. You’ll no longer receive a bill for your current Dropbox account. It’s yours for good!

Keep it real,

– The Dropbox Team

PS: Learn more about the new Dropbox Pro plans”

Source: The Verge
Image Credit: ilamont.com

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