Dipping your Toe into the Mac Pool: Part I – Platform Agnosticism

As the Macintosh market share grows, more and more Windows users will have to interact with a Mac at some point. Stepping back from my bias towards Macs, this is fairly great for the computer-using society on the whole. When most everyone can use most every operating system without batting an eye, we’re in for some platform agnostic innovation right around the corner.

The reason why familiarizing people will help innovation is that fewer people will feel locked in. To this day, a portion of the population still think of Windows as the only real option as far as operating systems go. When we introduce other people to different operating systems, they’ll know that there are viable alternatives other than Windows. If we ever get to the point where there is no real de facto operating system, Microsoft will be forced to provide a better experience in order to survive. That goes for Apple as well. The OS developers will be forced to put some elbow grease into their products instead of resting on their laurels. That is good for consumers.

I am slowly introducing the Mac platform to someone who has only ever used Windows machines. I will continue this series of posts with my observations and this person’s experiences.

Photo Credit: Mr.Thomas

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