Another day, another Apple Store gets knocked off

Okay, how does that saying go again? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Is that how it goes, or did George Bush screw it up so bad that I’ve come to remember it completely wrong? It doesn’t matter. Apple seems to have a real problem on their hands, considering the rate that Apple Stores are being robbed these days.

$20K in merchandise went missing from a Peachtree City, GA, Apple store last Wednesday during a smash and grab.

New day, same tactic: Drive through the front of the Store, and then grab a ton of loot. At least this time the officers were on the scene in time for a high-speed chase, but it ultimately ended with the suspects getting away.

The WSBTV website has posted a picture of the offenders. If you know them, they deserved to be arrested. Who the heck goes to a smash and grab these days without a mask?


Article Via WBSTV

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