Daisy Disk: Find the Clutter and step away.

Our very own Josh Schnell wrote about Daisy Disk back in August. But today, I saw a twitter post from a couple of people, including MacHeist, regarding a free copy of Daisy Disk. Since I purchased both the Macheist 2 and MacHeist 3 bundles, I decided to go ahead and download my copy. I have also been looking for an alternative to Disk Inventory X. I figured I would give this a try.

While Josh mentioned that it can find your lost hard drive space, he did manage to leave a couple of rather nice features out.

The first of these features is the ability to search any folder. So let’s say you’ve done a scan of your entire hard drive and come up with something that looks like the scan of my hard drive below.


After I did a scan I thought to myself ‘What the heck is taking up 75GB within my Users folder’, so I investigated and did a scan of just that folder and this was the result.


My Music was taking up most of that space. Guess I’ll need to clean that up a bit.

The second thing that Josh didn’t mention in his article is that DaisyDisk support growl and is configured for growl right from installation. You think, “So what, a lot of applications support growl”. Yes, but remember that Growl can be forwarded to your prowl account.

So if you’re scanning a remotely connected disk, like your iDisk or JungleDisk you can be notified when it finishes. Therefore, you don to have sit and wait for it to finish. You can go off and play some of your iPhone games to occupy yourself.

Daisy disk is free to try for 15 days, after that you can purchase the full version for $19.95 from DaisyDiskApp.com. If you’ve been looking for a faster alternative to DiskInventoryX this is it and is definitely worth the cost.

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