Cyberduck adds Google Docs Support, and lets you upload image files

Cyberduck just announced something that we didn’t think was physically possible: the ability to access Google Docs from an FTP application.  It is a little bit foreign to most of us, but since Google’s been making a move to let people develop applications for Google Apps, it’s not really all that surprising that they’re allow access over FTP.

Cyberduck also hit version 3.5 yesterday, and the update primarily focuses on Google Docs support. I have to say, this integration is pretty amazing, and may have me considering moving all of my documents to Google’s application suite. Cyberduck also lets you upload other file types directly to Google Docs. For instance, when I uploaded a screenshot image, Google Docs converted the JPG file directly to a .Doc file that contained my image. It’s not optimal for file storage, but it’ll certainly make your life easier if you’re deciding to move your documents to Google Docs.

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