Custom widgets could still be part of Notification Center in iOS 5

Apple’s revamp of notifications has a lot of people pretty happy. The Notification Center looks fantastic on iPhones running iOS 5, and a little less spectacular on the iPad. Leading up to WWDC 2011 there was a lot of speculation that customizable widgets could have found their way to the lock screen, but obviously that never ended up coming to fruition; however, Chronic is telling the internet that it’s still possible using Apple’s “current custom view interface … compiled as a bulletinboard plugin.”

Widgets, while not even remotely popular in OS X, could certainly hit their stride on the iPhone. I mean, just look at that screenshot. If widgets don’t add more utility to the Notification Center, then call me crazy.

Also, if you’re into coding, you can see the very first custom widget on GitHub already. It’s a simple Hello World, but certainly illustrates Chronic’s point.

Article and Image Via OS X Daily

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