Create a website with RapidWeaver

Today many people have websites to host a multiple of things. Blogs, photos, video, or just some event. But many people just cant understand how to make a site just due to the overwhelming amount of knowledge you need to create one. This is where RapidWeaver comes in. To put it simply its a template-based website creation tool. RapidWeaver has many different options that allows to you just point and click to create a website. Including:

  • Blog
  • Contact Form
  • File Sharing
  • HTML Code
  • iFrame
  • Movie Album
  • Offsite Page
  • Photo Album
  • QuickTime
  • Styled Text

Each with its own set of options and within minutes you can have a complete site ready to upload and share with the world. Now RapidWeaver comes with a set of theme’s or styles and each can be previewed with your content just by hitting the “Preview” tab. Lets say you found a great style but don’t like the text color or linked color. Well RapidWeaver has the Page Inspector that allows to customize all settings. Once you get done, just hit “Publish” button and RapidWeaver will ask you for ftp info and BAM you are done. RapidWeaver’s website has many addons for its application either from the company or 3rd party. Worth checking out if you want to add some more content to your site. So head over to and download the trial, if you wish to purchase it will set you back $50 and its Leopard ready. Well worth checking out. Enjoy