Convert your PC into a Mac with EFiX

Definitely something that would have been filed under the too-good-to-be-true category which turns out to actually be in reality is a USB dongle from EFiX, that promises to let a user take their PC hardware and install Leopard on it with little more than an EFi-X USB dongle a USB header on your motherboard (not a USB port) and some strong voodoo.

Copious amounts of skepticism aside it looks like Gizmodo has been able to confirm this claim without the universe tearing itself apart. The one major caveat is that there is a list of supported hardware that you need to have to get this to work correctly. And the list is short.

This sounds like an easy and painless way for PC users out there to rub a little OS X goodness on their PCs while saving themselves the trouble of going the Hackintosh route. I don’t currently have a PC lying around on which to try this so I’ll have to wait to experience this myself but for those of you out there who do it looks like US$155 will get you from PC to Mac in the time it takes to install OS X.

If any of you have tried this I would love to hear about your experience in the comments!

[Photo via Hack-A-Day]

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