U.S. Congress is messing with your iPhone’s alarm clock

A bug in the iOS software is causing iPhones to not update recurrent alarms correctly according to Daylight Savings Time, MacDailyNews reported today.

iPhones communicate with a server in the cloud to receive these kinds of updates. Although your iPhone reflects the correct time as decreed by Daylight Savings Time, recurrent alarms were thrown off by an hour.

This flaw in iOS hearkens back to Congress in 2005. Adam Satariano from Bloomberg Businessweek reports:

“In 2005, legislators amended the Uniform Time Act to extend daylight-saving time, starting in 2007. The change, intended to prolong the number of daylight hours and thus conserve energy, means Americans move their clocks back a week later than Europeans do. The recurrent alarm feature in the latest iPhone software didn’t account for the discrepancy.”

However, there’s a quick fix to sync your recurrent alarm clock with Daylight Savings Time. Simply delete the recurrent alarm, then reset it for the desired time. That’s all there is to it!

A fix for this bug, along with the 4.2 iOS update, are expected to be released this week.

Are you experiencing the Daylight Savings Time bug? Let us know in the comments!

Article Via MacDailyNews

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