Check Out This Dude Who Turned A G5 Into A BBQ Grill

I have an Intel Mac Pro (1,1) collecting dust. Right now the thing just servers up some cool things we’re working on for Macgasm (more on that at a later date). I’ve thought about doing a lot of things with the beast, but never once has the idea of turning it into a BBQ grilling machine crossed my mind.

Turns out someone’s actually thought it up, and already put meat to aluminum. Not sure if Mr. Jobs would have been impressed or disgusted at this one though.

Just think about it: the Power Mac G5, in its heyday, was a beast in Apple’s lineup, and its build is surprisingly grill-worthy. Its sleek, anodized aluminum alloy enclosure? Perfect for heat distribution. Aluminum is known for its excellent thermal conductivity, making it a decent choice for an even grilling surface. And the size? The G5’s towering case, larger than its predecessor, the G4, is just about the right size for a compact, personal grill. Picture this: a grill small enough to fit on a small patio but large enough to sear a couple of steaks to perfection.

Comparing the G5 to a regular grill, you’ve got some unique perks. Firstly, its metallic and minimalist design would be a conversation starter at any BBQ party. It’s like having a piece of tech history serving up your burgers. Secondly, its internal structure, once gutted and modified, provides a neat setup for coal placement and airflow, crucial for that perfect BBQ flavor.

Turning a Power Mac G5 into a grill is about merging worlds – the sleekness of tech with the rustic charm of outdoor cooking. It’s a quirky, yet oddly fitting tribute to a computer that once represented the pinnacle of innovation. So, while my Mac Pro (1,1) continues to serve its tech duties, the idea of a G5 grilling up a storm is something that would’ve made even Mr. Jobs do a double-take!

You can check out the whole step-by-step gallery on Imgur.

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