CES 2015: Juiceboxx Tries To Keep Your MagSafe Protected

Most longtime MacBook users know the annoyance of a frayed MagSafe adapter: It happens with seemingly normal use, and puts you out of $80 every time one breaks. The folks behind the Juiceboxx know this annoyance all too well well, and decided to do something about it.


The Juiceboxx is a hard case for MagSafe adapters: It snaps onto your charger and replaces the built-in cable management system, and tried to reduce stress on the cable when in-transit, hence making it less likely that your MagSafe will fray.

We haven’t tested it, so we can’t say for sure that it works, but you can preorder a Juiceboxx now for $19.99. The accessory is available for all MagSafe sizes, comes in six different colors, and will ship on February 6th.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.