Carbon Copy Cloner: A SuperDuper! replacement that lets you backup in leopard.

I’ve spent a lot of time on our podcast bitching about SuperDuper’s ineptitude lately. I mean, seriously, every single other vendor has been able to make the switch from Tiger to Leopard, so why the heck can’t a program that can make use of tools built into the OS like rsync and cron, not get it together. Especially, when you factor in the fact that we’re paying to use their software.

Uggh, anyway, we’ve talked about this replacement on the show, and I thought it would be time to give this excellent application it’s own post. Carbon Copy Cloner(CCC)does everything that SuperDuper! does–that we really need as consumers–and it doesn’t disappoint. We tend to lean towards free applications here at macgasm, especially if they offer the same functionality as pay for apps, and in this case CCC delivers. You can backup folders and drives, do smart backups, and make images of drives. What else do we really need? SuperDuper! is looking more like we need it less and less, and it can easily be replaced by a free alternative. Good work Bombich Software, and thanks for getting this working in Leopard. You’ve gained a loyal user!

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