Canadians, monitor your bandwidth with SurplusMeter

We Canadians hate being the butt-end of jokes, especially when they come from our neighbours to the South. But even I have to admit that this new CRTC “ruling” is so absurd that it’s worth laughing about. I mean that in a “If I don’t laugh, I’ll Cry” kind of way.

While Canadian bandwidth memes continue to circulate the internet, we thought it might be wise to tell a third of our readership about SurplusMeter.

If you’re worried about blowing past your bandwidth caps, you should give this application a try.

As you can see from the screen capture that I’ve attached, you can get info from an ethernet card or your modem. If the CRTC has its way with us, we might all be setting internal bandwidth budgets. SurplusMeter will help you stay under your limits.

I can’t believe I’m writing about this. I thought that once we moved from dialup to “unlimited” bundles that I wouldn’t have to worry about this bandwidth crap anymore.

Actually, now that I’ve said that, this whole mess is the industry’s fault to begin with. We were all fine with paying for bandwidth based on time-usage in the 90s. You morons were the ones who came up with unlimited bundles. You dangled the carrot, got us all to bite, and now you want us to all go back.

God, I hate Big Telcom companies.

You can download the app here. While you’re waiting for it to download, why not tell Prime Minister Harper what you think about the CRTC on Twitter.

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