BumpTop for Mac

The first time I saw BumpTop was when they were demoing it with Windows 7’s touch interface. The demo was pretty good.  It definitely peaked my interests.  When I saw that it was only for Windows, but not the Mac, I was pretty disappointed. So, I signed up to be notified when the Mac version would be available. Months had gone by, and I would check in from time to time, but still no Mac version.

Well, last week that all changed. I was excited to see it released on the Mac. I downloaded the free version of BumpTop. I poked around quite a bit, but I found out quickly how the free version lacked certain features.  Plus, to truly take advantage of the gestures, you need to have a MacBook Pro with a MulitTouch trackpad.

In the free version it lacks the following features: multitouch gestures, unlimited sticky notes, flip-through piles, find-as-you-type, and premium support.  For $29.00 you can have all of these features, and you can load it on up to three Macs. Because I signed up to be notified of the Mac version, I received a license for one week’s use of the Pro version.

These features are now unlocked till January 27th.  I think this is something that all software developers need to adopt. It gives you the chance to truly use the software, and figure out if you really like it or not.  In my opinion, when an application is crippled, you can’t truly experience it properly.

Unfortunately, after using this software, I have found it to be much like Apple’s widgets. They were fun to play with at first, but I can’t really see myself using it on a daily basis.  This software really shines with a touch interface. I think that’s what I really liked about it to begin with.  If Apple comes out with a Touch iMac, then perhaps this software would be more enjoyable to use. BumpTop definitely has some potential.

I highly recommend everyone to download the free version and try it out for yourself.  You can get it by clicking here.  Leave a comment with your experiences, your likes or dislikes.  I would like to hear other peoples experiences with this software.

Photo Credit: BumpTop Logo

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