Blockoban is one heck of an puzzle game

If you’re sadistic, and you love block games then Blockoban is for you. It’s a little difficult to explain, so bare with me while I try. Essentially the game consists of a bunch of tiles that have a couple of different attribute, some of which include a spot where a block of a similar colour has to end up in order to win. So if you have a flow tile that’s blue, yellow, and red, then the block that’s blue, yellow, and red has to sit on the associated floor tile.

Simple Concept. Hard game.

It’s a thinking game, so if you don’t like analyzing the situation, you might want to go try something like penguin curling with Arctic Shuffle. If you’re up for the challenge, things will ramp up in difficulty very quickly. You’ll have to deal with mazes, blocks that are linked together, trying to make sure our blocks don’t fly off the playing board. It’s pretty crazy, but it really works the brain. I highly recommend trying it out.

Just in case none of this makes any sense at all, I’ve attached a video of some game play footage.

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