BlackBerry ‘Superphone’ responsible for quick death of PlayBook 2

Just when we started wondering what was going on over at RIM this week, we hear news that RIM has abruptly ceased work on the Playbook 2. The reason for its early demise? RIM’s very first QNX powered BlackBerry ‘Superphone.’ We’re guessing that Superphone has to do with the specifications, and not RIM marketshare at this point.

N4BB, the blog that broke the news, is also reporting that RIM has shifted some resources within the company, and they plan on pushing forward on their LTE 4G PlayBook pretty heavily in the upcoming months. Release is scheduled for October.

We get the feeling that RIM is going to start focusing on bolstering their BlackBerry lineup in an attempt to get back into the smartphone game. The PlayBook hasn’t been doing so great, and if they’re going to hold on, they’re going to need to secure their footing in the smartphone market before taking a giant step into the tablet market. This news seems to be an indicator that the CEOs — both of them —might agree.

Source: N4BB

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