Bing Maps Updated With 165 Terabytes Of Data


Hot off the heels of Apple ditching Google Maps for their own in-house magic, Microsoft has announced that Bing Maps has received a substantial update in satellite imagery.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the publication of our largest satellite release to date. In fact, this release is larger than all of our past Aerial releases combined! The latest Aerial release includes new Satellite imagery as well as Global Ortho photography. Both releases total 165 terabytes of new data live on Bing Maps. Prior to this, our existing Aerial footprint was 129 terabytes total[…] This release features imagery over North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. The total area covered in this data release is nearly 38 million square kilometers.

This is very good news. Frankly, it is nice to see Google getting some stiff competition here lately. The days of companies silently putting up with Google entering their markets is over. More than ever, Apple and Microsoft are working their hardest to take Google down a peg. It’s refreshing to finally see some competition in areas where Google has dominated.

Let’s just hope that the Bing iPad app gets a much needed refresh. It sure would be nice to see all of this clearly on the Retina display.

Source: Bing

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