Bento for the iPhone is finally here.

No one does personal databases quite like Bento these days. For some of us sadistic types there’s Filemaker, but for the rest of us there’s Bento. It lets you keep track of anything you can think of, and it’s going to be super handy to have the application available to us on our iPhone and Touches.

There are 25 templates at our fingertips, and they pretty much cover everything you can list.

For Business: Issue Tracking, Time Billing, Customers, Expenses, Products for Sale, Inventory, Projects, Event Planning, Items Sold, and Equipment.

Personal Uses: Contacts, To Dos, Diet Log, Expenses, Classes, Recipes, Digital Media, Vehicle Maintenance, Projects, Home Inventory, Event Planning, Membership Lists, Notes, and Donations.

The new iPhone App also includes a Blank template for creating an unlimited number of customized templates.

Another pretty nifty feature is that it wirelessly syncs with the latest version of the Bento Desktop. How handy is that going to be when you’re maintaining a Diet Log, or Expenses?

Attached below is a video of their application in action.

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