Battered Apple pieces – not a tasty snack

If, like me on a bad day, you’ve ever wanted to know what your MacBook would look like with a massive bullet hole through it…now you can.

Artist Michael Tompert (who from these images you wouldn’t take as a huge Jobs fan) hosted an exhibition of his finest battered and mauled Apple products — boy can an iPhone still look beautiful smashed into a million pieces. At Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco, Tompert’s images are enough to make a fanboy weep, showing various Apple products in states of utter destruction. Even though it hurts my very soul to see a MacBook in such a state, no-one can deny these images are fascinating. Whether you think they show our subconscious frustration in the projection of technology on our otherwise free lives, or if you just think someone got bored with a handgun one afternoon — they’re pretty interesting! Anyone fancy nail-gunning this Time Machine?

Article Via Cult of Mac

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