aTV Flash (Black) adds enhancements to your AppleTV 2 with ease

FireCore has been around for a while with their aTV Flash package for the original AppleTV. The latest version aTV Flash (Black) is now available for the 2010 Apple TV version and we wish Apple would take notice and implement some of the features offered by aTV Flash natively.

aTV Flash adds the ability to play many more media formats including AVI, MKV and more. Other features of interest include a built in web browser for surfing the web on your TV, as well as enhanced organization tools previously not available for videos that are streamed to the Apple TV. You can create play lists and automatically pull cover art and meta data from TheMovieDB using aTV Flash. There are tons of other features bundled in which you can check out on FireCore’s home page.

The software is super easy to setup, but requires you to jailbreak your Apple TV. Seas0nPass helps make this process a breeze, and from there it’s smooth sailing. You can pick up a copy of aTV Flash (Black) for the low introductory price of $19.99 from MacUpdate. When paired with the new $89.99 price tag for an Apple TV, you can now have a pretty robust setup on the cheap.

TV Flash (Black): FireCore
Via: 9to5Mac

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