AT&T Pulls A Scumbag Verizon, Lengthens Upgrade Period To Two Years

AT&T has just lengthened its upgrade period for two-year contract users to 24 months from its previous length of 20 months. This means that users who would like to upgrade devices before the end of their contract will have to pay in full for the device or take advantage of a partially subsidized early upgrade deal with AT&T. As of now, this change in upgrade eligibility applies to any AT&T user who signed into a contract in March of 2014 or later. However, Corporate Responsible Users with contractual upgrade terms are exempt from this change.

Convenient since WWDC is happening today.

AT&T’s switch to a longer upgrade period comes just months after its competitor, Verizon Wireless, axed 20 month upgrades in April. This change leaves Sprint as the only American two-year contract provider that offers 20 month upgrades. T-Mobile USA, another popular American mobile carrier, has recently killed off contracts with its new “UnCarrier” plan.

Yup, T-Mobile is looking really attractive right now

Via: Apple Insider

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