AT&T Activates 6.1 Million Smartphones In Q3, 77% Of Which Were iPhones

AT&T has just announced some interesting numbers for its third quarter of 2012. According to BusinessWire, AT&T activated a total of 6.1 million smartphones and iPhones accounted for 77 percent of them.

The launch of the iPhone 5 , which officially went on sale at the end of Apple’s third quarter, helped a lot, bringing activations up by a million from the previous quarter, where they totalled 3.7 million. Though Apple was at the head of the race, AT&T also noted that Android and Window smartphones also reached record levels. Of the 4.7 million iPhones that were activated by AT&T, 18 percent percent of those were new to the carrier.

AT&T notes that iPhone 5 constraints had an effect on the results and the “vast majority” of iPhone sales in the third quarter went to existing customers. Apple’s success with AT&T is higher than competitors like Verizon because AT&T was Apple’s exclusive iPhone carrier partner for years before Verizon joined and, later, Sprint.

Verizon revealed last week that it sold 3.1 million iPhones in the third quarter, and that 650,000 of them were iPhone 5s. A total of 6.8 million iPhones were sold by Verizon in that quarter, and Android devices accounted for 3.4 million smartphone activations.

Apple is set to announce its own quarterly results soon, which will include the first week of iPhone 5 sales.

 Image Credit: Digital Trends

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