Apple bypasses HP to become world’s largest semiconductor buyer

Apple has grown at an astounding pace year over year for some time now, a fact that’s becoming evident in more and more industries. In this week’s news is one particularly massive statistic, albeit one that should hardly come as a surprise.

Apple is now the world’s single largest buyer of semiconductors. In the past year, the company has purchased nearly 18 billion dollars worth of them from various manufacturers. This dethrones HP, which was previously the world’s largest buyer as of 2010, as reported by IHS iSuppli.

Perhaps more impressive than the sheer dollar amount of semiconductor purchases this year is the year over year increase, however. Apple purchased an astounding 80% more semiconductors in this past year than they purchased in previous years.

To figure out what has caused this tremendous increase in purchase quantities, we need look no further than the company’s iPhone sales numbers. In the past year, Apple has sold a whopping 89% more iPhones than they did the year before. Additionally, Mac sales went up by a slightly more moderate 14% year over year. It is estimated that Apple uses about $80 worth of semiconductors in each iPhone it builds and sells, though all the company’s iPhone expenses combined only add up to about a third of its total expenditure of semiconductors. HP, Samsung, Dell, and Nokia are the runners-up for total annual semiconductor purchases, respectively.

Article Via The Next Web
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