Apple’s thinking that One Tablet per family might just be enough.

Things change quickly in the tech world. One moment you’re going to bed dreaming about ways that you can integrate a tablet into your family lifestyle, and the next thing you know you’re waking up to find out that Apple actually sees families using one Tablet. I said it, just ONE tablet. The Horror!

Sure, maybe it’s a companion to our already existing technology, but when was the last time owning just one of anything was the answer to our needs? Just one car, quickly becomes two. Just one laptop, turns into a family of them when your kids grow up. Just one more bite, turns into a bunch of smaller bites of that fine taco salad every time your significant other turns around. Just one can’t be the answer, can it?

According to the Wall Street Journal it just might be,

The device has been purposely designed to be shared between members of a household as easily as possible, according to one of the Journal’s unnamed sources.

I wonder how the Telcos are handling the news that Apple plans on families sharing this ‘iPad’ instead of making everyone get their own. I like to imagine the AT&Ts of the world having to do away with some new fan-dangled family-plan data package. I makes me happy, but something tells me they’re not too happy about it. Who are we kidding, they probably rejoiced because the extra load on their network won’t be as big as originally anticipated. That is, if the 3G integration rumours hold true.

Sure, Just One Might Be Their Intention…but…

The news has got me thinking well into the night. It’s currently 2:00am EST, and I find myself wondering just how many people might be planning on picking up a couple Tablets. I have a really hard time seeing a family of five sharing one single device. We don’t share so well, and we already feel separation anxiety when we’re separated from our iPhones. Something tells me that our anxiety’s going to be even worse when the shiny new tablet hits our coffee tables.  Do you plan on picking up one, two, none of these things? What’s the magic price point that would encourage you to purchase multiple devices?

[Via Wall Street Journal]

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