Apple’s Black Friday Deals Turn Out To Just Be Gift Cards

If you were hoping to save some money shopping from Apple this Black Friday, think again.

The company recently teased its Black Friday sales offerings, and now those sales have gone live on the company’s Australian site. While last year Apple offered some minor discounts on a variety of products, this year they’re offering customers free gift cards with their purchases instead.

Buy a Mac and get a complimentary $150 gift card, an iPad for a $75 card and an iPod for a $45 card. (All prices are in AUD) These cards can’t be applied to your current purchase either, so users that buy Macs will have to find something else to spend their $150 on.

The iPad deal also does not apply to the new iPad mini with Retina display.

Not too much of a surprise from Apple who is not known to offer very significant discounts. If you’re still intrigued by the one-day deal and want to take advantage of it, just visit the online Apple Store or visit a retail location sometime tomorrow.

Toby is a writer of word and a lover of Apple, hip-hop, life, and technology.