Apple’s App Store gets its own Twitter account?

Apple might be making another foray into Twitter today by opening an App Store based acccount (@appstore). So far the account has only tweeted an application recommendation, and a self-fullfilling welcome message. The account is also seeing quite a bit of action as people flock to follow the new account.

It’s not certain whether this account will be used for promotions and other App Store related shenanigans, or if it’s just for recommendations at this point, should it actually be controlled by Apple Inc.

Actually, there’s no real indication that the account is an official Apple account either. It’s currently not verified. The account is following a bunch of official Apple accounts, but we can’t rely on that as a tell either.

We’ve got an email in to a source, and we’ll let you know if/when we know. As it stands, there’s no harm in more app recommendations is there?

Update: Apple announced the account on their Facebook page. It looks like this is legit.

Update 2: @appstore gets verified on Twitter

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