Apple Uploads A New Video To YouTube, Focuses On Apps That Make A Difference

Apple has just posted a nine-minute video clip, titled Making a difference. One app at a time, to its YouTube channel. The video starts with a segment on how the iPad is being used to aid healthcare efforts in Africa, and moves on to illustrate how the iPad and iPhone are helping people with medical challenges get through their regular day. For instance, we see the iPad help a special needs child communicate, and we see a person with prosthetic legs using an iPhone to move and angle the leg.

The video’s description reads:

Each iOS app offers remarkable – and often delightful – possibilities. But the most powerful iOS apps ever are ones that change people’s lives in ways they never imagined.

If you have a few minutes to spare, I’d highly recommend viewing the video, as it truly shows how iOS has changed the lives of those with disabilities.  Honestly, I’m surprised Apple didn’t show this video when introducing iOS 7 to developers at the WWDC keynote that took place earlier this week. It’s pretty inspirational.


Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.